Lower Back Pain: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

When is Lower Back Pain a Sign of Serious Illness

Basically, LBP is simply abbreviated as the lower back pain. It is one of the common disorders in the human body. Normally, if you experienced this problem, then you may have the pain in the muscles, nerves, and backbones in your body.

It is not a constant one. The pain will stay up to 4-5 weeks only. Moreover, it is completely based on the individual’s condition.

Many of you think that it is not a serious issue but you must take proper treatment in case if you faced it.

How to prevent?

One of the best solutions is exercises. If you are hurting, then take the regular exercise in the daily morning. It will help to get the relief from the pain quickly.

The researchers claim that the people those who have the heavy weight in their body, they are seriously suffering from the pain. Better to decrease your weight.

Actually, it is occurred in the human body in between the age of 20 – 40. Most of the girls have this problem because of high heeled shoes. Better to avoid it.

When should you seriously pay attention?

First and foremost, obesity is one of the biggest causes.  If you have the overweight, then surely you will suffer from the pain. Better to eliminate the overweight so it will help you stay away from the problem permanently.

Sitting in the chair may lead to the pain. Nowadays, most of the people working more than 12 hours of time continuously will experience this pain.

Always sit in a good posture and reduce the over sitting in a chair if you want to avoid the serious cause. Another way to reduce stress on your lower back is to use a lumbar cushion pillow. Find the best ones on this article.

What are the basic symptoms?

  1. At first, the pain offers the severe fever to your body.
  2. If you will get the polyuria problem, then go to the doctor and take the right treatment for that.
  3. Mostly, it occurs in the lower part of the body. It deeply affects the urinary system so you will release the dark urine in the period of you will have the pain.
  4. Nausea and also the vomiting are the most common symptoms. If you will get the continuous vomiting, then better to consult a doctor.


In the final analysis, keep body weight normal and do some energetic exercise daily to stop this issue forever.